About me ?

A passionate in communication with 2 years of work experience in the banking and financial sector and 2 year in media and retail sector. Trilingual in English, French and Indonesian, I am used to work in an international environment.

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I have experience working in SMEs and large companies such as Cofidis, Club Med, and Bank Central of Asia. Discover the complete list of my experiences!



Cinta Rutatiko
An Indonesian woman who pursues her dream to France

It's the possibility of having a dream comes true that makes life interesting.

- Paulo Coelho



What is my passion ?

Discover the activities that I love the most.

Isabelle Trebot

Chef de produit chez Cofidis

By making the decision to come to France to study, a country at thousand miles away from her's, Indonesia, Cinta shows us her strength of character and her ambition.

Very creative and responsive, Cinta is our reference for print and web communication media. She has a very good expertise in Photoshop and InDesign, which allows us to give our full trust and let her work independently.

Thanks to her competency in benchmarking and her real interest in marketing, Cinta's ideas allows us to develop on new marketing issues.

I therefore recommend Cinta for positions of communication and marketing officer

Responsable grands comptes chez Cofidis

Behind her discretion, Cinta surprises us with her creativity and curiosity.

She works with care and perfection.

Thirsty for learning, Cinta is an excellent collaborator !


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